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The United Earth for Peace Project (UEP) is just that, a project to unite the people of the world together for the cause of peace.  Only when we truly become a united world and peace reigns will worldwide hunger and human suffering come to an end.

Even though we are in the process of becoming a non-profit organization in the near future we realize most non-profit organizations are band-aids on a gushing wound that requires stitches.  Certainly, the various organizations do a lot of good in the world, but it is not enough.  Often only a fraction of the money donated to these organizations actually reaches the people in need.  Non-profit organizations, like war and religion, is big business.

For now the funding for the United Earth for Peace Project comes from the Galactic Enterprise, a for-profit business, with all their profits going toward funding the UEP which seeks ways to help end the human suffering around the world.  At present, no one is being paid for their services.  All our websites were designed and built by volunteer labor.  Our founder pays for our web hosting cost and all other company and UEP expenses out of his own pocket.  He spent many long hours of hard labor outside of his normal job to get us the funds needed to purchase new equipment.

Tied together United Earth for Peace Project will be the non-profit educational and research arm of the Galactic Enterprise searching for ways to promote peace in the world and improve the human condition.  We will consider this website a success if just one person puts down his gun and embraces the way of peace.

The United Earth for Peace is made up of people like you and me.  It is everyone that will set aside their personal animosities and embrace the way of peace.  We give of our time and sometimes our money to further the cause of peace and the improvement of the human condition.  If everyone in America sent us just one dollar we would be able to build our research center which in and of itself is part of our goal of being a self-funding organization.

We have embarked upon a galactic enterprise.  Our call is one of peace.  We ask for your help in bringing about global peace.  Peace cannot be brought about by violence.  Peace is an act of love and an act of sacrifice.  We must stand as examples at all times and in all places; obedient to the laws of the land and filled with compassion even for our enemies.  People of the Earth unite behind the cause of peace.  Help put an end to the sufferings of our fellow man.

Seeking Ways to Improve the Human Condition

United Earth for Peace

Some images may be disturbing to young viewers as it is our intent to put a real face on the human suffering war and hunger that the lack of peace in the world have caused.  Viewer discretion is advised.

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