The Face of War


Some images may be disturbing to young viewers as it is our intent to put a real face on the human suffering war and hunger that the lack of peace in the world have caused.  Viewer discretion is advised.

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As long as we keep making weapons there are people who will keep using them. War is what drives the world economy. Peace just is not that profitable and until we really begin to value human life there will never be peace in the world and we will never truly advance as human beings.

IDP is short for “internally displaced person”. Some 26 million people worldwide currently live in situations of internal displacement as a result of conflicts or human rights violations. They were forced to flee their homes because their lives were at danger, but unlike refugees they did not cross international borders. Although internally displaced people now outnumber refugees by two to one, their plight receives far less international attention. Many IDPs remain exposed to violence and other human rights violations during their displacement. Often they have no or only very limited access to food, employment, education and health care. Large numbers of IDPs are caught in desperate situations amidst fighting or in remote and inaccessible areas cut-off from international assistance. Others have been forced to live away from their homes for many years, or even decades, because the conflicts that caused their displacement remained unresolved.

While refugees are eligible to receive international protection and help under the 1951 Refugee Convention and the 1967 Protocol, the international community is not under the same legal obligation to protect and assist internally displaced people. National governments have the primary responsibility for the security and well-being of all displaced people on their territory, but often they are unable or unwilling to live up to this obligation.

It is just another face of war.

Notes of Interest

Study well the pictures above, it is the things that all our guns, bombs, and bullets have purchased. It is the face of war.

When will we wake up realize war is unnecessary and outdated as means to settle our differences. How long must children suffer the foolishness of adults as we fight over things of no real consequence? Were we not taught to share as children? The lessons we learned as children, we have forgotten as adults.

Of all the insane excuses we have come up with as our reasons for going to war religion has been by far the worse. To go to war and kill our brothers in the name of a God who said, "Thou shalt not kill," shows just how well we have listened to a God that the majority of the world believes created us all in His image.

We claim to have reached a height of civilization and technology unparalleled in human history. Yet, we have not come so far that we have out grown the need for war. With our advanced technology we have created new ways to kill our fellow man on an almost unimaginable scale. Whole cities have been wiped from the face of the planet, hundreds of thousands of people killed in the blink of an eye. I don't call that progress.

So study well the face of war and how far we have really progressed in the last few thousand years as human beings. Know that it is within our power to end war and all those things that cause human suffering if we, and our leaders, truly wished to do so; if we were truly a united world for peace.

The other face of war is the legacy of what we have left behind.

All the countries that have signed or agree in principle with the treaty to ban land mines are the countries in the darker blue colors. Note that most of the countries (light blue) that have not signed

not signed the treaty or at least agree with it in principal are the ones still making land mines (the red dots).

What we have left behind after the wars we have waged is over continues to leave scars upon the land and the people. Rarely do we clean up the mess we left behind. That we leave to future generations. Yes, that is what we have gotten from our technological advancements, weapons that keep on killing long after the war is over. It is just another face of war.

Whatever excuses we have come up with for waging war, land, resources, religion, race, color, creed, the way someone parts their hair, etc., it is never the real reason why people wage war. It is really about power and control over others; control over their lands and their lives. True freedom and true world peace is a threat to those who seek to control every aspect of our lives. The last thing the handful of people who seek to control the human race wants is a united Earth for peace.

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