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Some images may be disturbing to young viewers as it is our intent to put a real face on the human suffering war and hunger that the lack of peace in the world have caused.  Viewer discretion is advised.

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This is just the beginning where we begin to present to you various designs and ideas that would make this a better world.

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One of our goals has always been to create a standalone system that could bring the gift of education to the world. We have wanted to open the door of creativity for all of humanity. If we had the staff and the designers that could build such a system, what would it look like? What if that system could begin to unlock the human potential? Well, we have found a new computer company that has designed the beginning of just such a system and the potential is Endless.

If you're reading this and live in and have embraced the technological world, then you probably own a smart phone. But, smart phones have their limitations and rely on their connection to the Internet for access to information. Now imagine a computer so small that you can hold it in the palm of your hand and it did not rely on the Internet for access to information. Imagine that computer could teach your children basic education, provide information about basic first aid, help you run a small business, have an entire Encyclopedia stored in its tiny brain, play games and music, and much more and would cost less than your smart phone. Well, there is just such a computer and it has the potential to change the lives of billions who cannot afford a computer and have limited or no access to the Internet. The company is called Endless, and they have created a computer system that has the potential to open the door of human creativity worldwide. They have created the beginnings of the system we have always dreamed about but lack the resources and the staff to build just such a system for ourselves.

We would go on and take the next step and create a computer that comes with a small screen and a keyboard and does not require an electrical connection. A computer that is completely off the grid and able to interact with its user through voice recognition and vocal output in every major language on the planet. We would do this because not everybody has a TV and access to electricity let alone access to the Internet. We believe dropping a completely independent computer system on people is cheaper and more effective than dropping bombs. Education is the enemy to all that is evil in this world and to open that door could change the planet as we know it. We believe that Endless Computers have that potential, and that potential is Endless.

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