Not Enough

A Few Facts

Some images may be disturbing to young viewers as it is our intent to put a real face on the human suffering war and hunger that the lack of peace in the world have caused.  Viewer discretion is advised.

In our complacency, we forget about all the suffering in the world.  Suffering caused by more than just war.  Hunger is a worldwide problem.  Climatic changes in the world have caused worldwide famine.  Millions stare starvation straight in the face.  For millions more it is a struggle just to survive.  Even in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, millions will go hungry.

This is where the greed, anger, jealousy, and personal ambitions of a few have led us.  We do not see because we do not wish to see, and those in power do not want you to see the worldwide suffering that they have caused or ignored.

People of the Earth unite.  Join us in our quest to find a way to help those in need.  Only by uniting can we send a strong message to the leaders of the world.  Let us shout with a single voice, "Enough is enough."  Together we can end the suffering in the world.  Alone we are just another voice in the night.

According to the World Health Organization, hunger is the gravest single threat to the world's public health. The WHO also states that malnutrition is by far the biggest contributor to child mortality, present in half of all cases.

1 person dies every second as a result of hunger - 4000 every hour - 100 000 each day - 36 million each year - 58 % of all deaths (2001-2004 estimates).

1 child dies every 5 seconds as a result of hunger - 700 every hour - 16,000 each day - 6 million each year - 60% of all child deaths (2002-2008 estimates). Some place the number of children dying of hunger at 20,000 to 25,000

There were 923 million hungry people in the world in 2007, an increase of 80 million since 1990, despite the fact that the world already produces enough food to feed everyone - 6 billion people - and could feed the double - 12 billion people

In 2005, an estimated 100 million people worldwide were homeless.

In America almost 50 million live in poverty struggling to put food on the table. Half the hungry in America are children.

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